Mario's Revenge

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Hi guys this is really scary. Do not read if u get scared easily cuz ifound out MARIO IS EVIL!!!1. I was at a garage sale when this old creepy dude said" Hello there young man would you like to buy a video game?" I said yes because I love video games. The game was Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando. "Thanks" I said then got the heck out of there because the guy looked like a creepy pedobear.

So I put in the disk and the do the Mario song played on the title screen then I heard this load scream and clank said "this is not good." There was a file called BEN so I deleted it. But when the game started and I played it THERE WAS HYPERREALISTIC BLOOD EVRYWHERE!!1! And Ratchet was walking lopsided and his eyes were yperrealistic then the scream again. Clank was DEAD. The reversed lavender town song played and I got a headache.

Then another scream and a laugh that sounded like Shion from higurashis. I looked at the screen at Quark said "BEN DROWNED." So I hit qwark with my wrench but hyperealistic blood and guts came out. Then shion laughed and then Ratchet appared in front of a cave. Mario said "YOU HAVE... TO GO... INSIDE." Ratchet was crying like a baby, and he went inside. at first I laughed but then his eyes turned black and HE DIED. Then Mariov with noeyes and a knife appared and said "I thought we had something special. Now will you play with me?" I said no then decieded to play my new game Playstation all-stars battle royale. But the intro was replaced with the reversed song of healing and screams one guy shouted "MY LEG!". Then there was Mario, with no eyes and a knife, surrouned by the dead playstation all-stars. "NOW ALL OF SONY IS DEAD. PLAY WITH ME OR YOUR NEXT."

I screamed then dropped my controller. "Ow that hurt." Said my controller. I screamed because MY CONTOLLER WAS ALIVE! I got a gun and shot my Wii. "YOU SHOULDNT HAVE DONE THAT" Said Mario and he appeared in real life. I scaremed and ran away Mario laughed like Shion and chased me. He was running lopsided like the QWOP guy so I got away and ran and hid in the bathroom then Mario said FOUND YOU and he appared in the mirror and I died then Mario did that YEEEEEEEAH scream from CSI.

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