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I just love the wii. I play it every chance I get. So, I heard that Mario Party 9 was coming out. I literally danced with joy. Of course, I went to Game Stop the first day in was it stores. Sold out. So, I couldn't take any time NOT playing it. I looked around every store until I gave up and took a walk in the woods. I found a scratched up black disk with words seemingly etched with blood, Mario Party 9. The disk was creepy, but I just had to play the game. I took it home and popped it into the Wii. The Nintendo logo appeared in front of a pit ot flames. I thought it was just a cool new logo. Anyways, I got to the main menu. Suddenly the wii screen turned black. In less than a second, the screen shown an almost perfect animation of me walking through the forest. Suddenly, a bunch of eyeballs appeared and I heard a very deep laugh. The eyes surrounded the anamation of me, and closed in so close you couldn't see my anamation. At this point, my stiff on my couch paralyzed in fear. A few minutes later, the eyeballs backed away from my anamation, and I was horrified to see that my anamation was a skeloten. In front of a pit of flames, the words GAME OVER were etched in blood on the screen. I got a hammer and smashed my Wii to bite sized pieces, and then burned it. I never played any Mario Party game again. I must be crazy though, to still like Mario games.

MORAL OF STORY- Don't pick stuff up off the ground.

Credited to The Jokester

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