Maxine The Killer III: The End?

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This is the third in the amazing Maxine The Killer trilogy. Check the first two out by searching for 'Maxine The Killer".

Maxine was in her chair, planning for her next murder session. She wanted to kill her family.

She went to bed house and stabbed her brother & her mother. Before her father got killed, he kicked the knife out of Maxine's hand. And she fainted, but woke up shortly after.

"W... What happened?" Said Maxine.

"You were about to stab me in the heart! " Said her dad.

"Wait..." She was a bloody knife in the floor.

the knife started floating by itself and killed the father!

Maxine screamed, then realized what happened.

"The knife... It took control of me... I gotta destroy it!"

She went to the shed, grabbed a hammer and smashed it to bits.

The demon was destroyed, but the damage had been done.

It's "Everybody is... Is dead... Everybody I've ever loved... My idol, Detective Derek, my family... Everyone... Everyone is dead... I just join them. .."

She returned to the shed to get a gun that was inside. She put it to her head... And pulled the trigger...

The end.

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