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you know that kick ass show adventur douche (adventur time) right?. well dis is meh thery i guess.

fin is a 56 year old man in love with his 49 year old boyfriend who dresses like a dog that he imagines that has super powers and can stretch and he is in a romantic relation ship with him. fin is acctually even a alien who is so fucking lonley so he imagines stuff. and he lives in a tree house cause he has no home and he is poor. bmo is acctaully cleverbot the internet talking website. the ice king has a pet penguin cause he's crazy and lives in a mountain in ice cause he suddenly got use to it and he imagines himself having powers.

princes bubble gum is just a normal girl with a shit load of make up on her. the candy kindom is acctually just a club with people in it and they imagine everything as candy cause the stupid princess named the club the candy kingdom.

lumpy space princess is some mutant space creaure that calls her self a princess and acctually a bald man. and he has no house cause he is a stupid space mutant.

tree trunks is a pig painted green with a toy trunk and a old lady recorder on her head so it looks like she can talk. fin has no friends... . marceline also has a shit load of gray make up and never got a haircut.

flame princes is a living gas or organism. and heer stupid fat ghost dad kept her in a giant jar for years and she died there and a teorist blew up that kindom and everybody is ghost and they been there so long they now look like they are made of fire.

necter is a stupid robot that was programed stupidly. ranicorn is a mutant horse painted in rainbows and fin imagines her as jakes girlfriend. and fin never relized that ranicorn is a cryptid and is a guy...

magic man is just really high and he's mental.

and everybody else is dead.

i am bad at therys you might think...

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