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Crazy umbreon distroys a pokemon center in Lavender town, killing many pokemon. Will this pokemon be captured? Read page 5 for more info.

A week before this happened, a eevee was taken away from the wild by Team Rocket. The eevee was stuffed in a bag and taken to a TR base. "Hey, I got a new pokemon for our boss." said a TR member to another TR member. "Oh really? Well throw it in one of the cages. I'll have Jake look at it." The member threw the bag into the cage. Shortly after, the eevee perked her head out of the bag. "vee eevee? eevee vee eev?" (What the duck? Where am I?). Jake came behind the cage and kicked it. "Shut up you little prick of a pokemon." said jake. "Now let's see what level this pokemon is." Jake pulled out a small handheld machine and scanned the eevee. "Whoa! a level 58 eevee! This needs to evolve." The eevee's ears perk up. "eevee? vee eevee eeee..." (Evolve? But I want to stay cute and fluffy...). "Oh you should evolve it into a umbreon!" said a random TR member that happened to be walking by. "You know I will!" said Jake. The eevee gulped. Jake opened the cage and threw a moon stone, hitting the eevee on the head. ((It evolves eevees in pokemon XD okay?)) The eevee started to glow. "veee..." (Noo...) Jake smiled evil like watching the eevee evolve. "veebreon... umbrevee... umbreon!" (Why... Why... You monster!) The eevee was now a umbreon. "Yes! Our boss will be happy!" Jake opened the cage to try touching the umbreon. The umbreon gave a freakesh smile and pounched at Jake. Jake screamed bloody murder as his face was being eaten alive. After a good 8 minutes of eating Jake's face, the umbreon jumped out of a window ran a 6 day path to Lavender town.

The umbreon still lives in kanto today, She is still killing and eating humans. Why is she like this? Some say that all of her stress is making her act this. others say she is a demon from hell. The truth is, no one really knows why she acts like this, or if she will be caught...

The umbreon

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