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I always had this little telephone kids toy it was orange and blue with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse logo on it it wasn't real of course so if you pressed a button you'll get a little clip of Mickey saying hi or welcome to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Goofy would say your normal goofy sounds it's good to mention I love the show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse it was one of my favorite shows I broke the toy phone so it didnt say anything anymore. when I was cleaning my room out alone today I found the phone I opened it up and Mickey said hi “cool it works” I pressed a few buttons, welcome to Mickey mouse club house ha ha ha hell “what” come inside and stay inside I recognized lyrics and they didn't come from the phone they came from the TV I looked up and saw Mickey Mouse playing I looked up at the TV Mickey Mouse was showering and blood and then he went out to the street hi goofy, goofy was on the floor covered in blood crying. “goofy” Mickey screamed at goofy he looked up with no eyes “my God” I whisper to myself I glance behind me and look back they are now in the basement of the the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with strange torture devices lining the walls Mickey looks out at the camera “look at your closet” and I walk over to it I open it up .nothing no mouse nothing like that I turn my back and I start walking to my door the sound of a high pitched sound like a high-pitched mouse “hi Time to go to hell”.

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