Midnight Bust

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It was a dark cold and dreary night and the local police station had recived a call about a potential drug bust and the address which has been disclosed for this pasta. Anyways when officer Jones got to the scene there was nobody to be seen all the lights were off and the neighborhood was desolnet. Officer Jones said, "This sure is weird where is the activity that the caller had reported"? But this isn't the worst of it all

The door suddnely shut behind Officer Jones and then he heard demonic laughter and some group of people not visible chanting (We've been waiting for you!) over and over again looping for ten minutes striaght.

When it finially stopped the person who called said "Officer Jones we have an apponiment for you that starts right about now."

Officer Jones confused kept saying "What apponiment are you talking about?' then the group of people came up and picked him up onto his back and carried him into the back room and set him down in a caldreon.

Then out of no where the mysterious caller came out into the light and started to laugh manically and said, "We've had an apponiment for you since ten years ago," supprised at this Officer Jones kept trying to get out of the caldroen but had no success. Officer Jones just gave up and let the demons of hades devoure his soul.

Legend says that every ten years one more officer just pulled in by this mysterious caller if your the cop  that gets this call don't respond to it.

Your probably wondering how do I know about this you ask well obvisouly I was one of the unlucky neighbors of the poor fellow and when I heard about it I was saddend by it. This is why I wrote this pasta to warn you about the mysterious case of the Midnight Bust.

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