Mine craft and the magic compass

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The Story:

Once upon a time while I was playing one of the best games ever, mineing craft, it started snowing. This was strange because, as you know, I was building deep in a desert. I was scared and ran in my house for safety. I was scared of hero-brine. hero-brine was a scary man with white eyes and stalking you to crash your game. Then my house set on fire and I died. Then I spawned in the sky and the game made a bloody Mary face with a loud noise. This scared me badly. Then I got a text box that said IT would kill me if i didn't get the magic compass and kill God. I am a christian but it acted as if it knew what I was thinking and a hand came out of the screen, made a fist, and went back in. Then I got a map to find the magic compass.

There were MANY HARDSHIPS along the way. including a large brown furry hand with testicles and arms. But I defeated him and progressed to the life tree which grabbed me and strangled me. But I defeated him with my amazing fighting skills. I beat all 7 call-of-duty games, so I'm good.Eventually I found the compass in a dungeon chest with dangerous spiders in it ad skeletal zombies. They were scary and they made me scared and I ran out with the compass, while the compass the compass led me to the fight. The arena was very bright, I was scared. When I saw God, I got even more scared and I spilled my Chocolate milk all over the computer. But to my happiness, the computer was fine after I repaired it. I didn't want to be killed by the hand. When I faced God, I was blinded by a large white flash of light but I persisted. I felt pain all throughout my body and my hands started to BLEED WITH PAIN. I continued to strike God's chest, but every time I hit him, i felt the same pain in my chest. I eventually defeated God and triumphed over the death and the hand set me free. I'm happy to be reunited with my family, but I feel really uneasy now... and the feeling never left me.


I now wake up in cold sweats in many nights when I go to bed. I kept waking up from scary dreams about these events that occurred to me. I wish this would stop... It's gotten so bad that I'm going to end my life!

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