Minecraft: Chupacabra?

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When I was playing minecraft 1.9.2, I came across a bizzare creature, it was an ordinary minecraft night, I was walking back to my enormous wooden house to sleep for the night. But unfortunatley I got very lost in a huge forest, and to make things worse the forest was burning down.

The leaves and trunks were covered in flames and I had to carefully make my way through, only to discover something that made me almost jump out of my skin.

An echoing sound of a growling wolf, but it was very diffrent to how it would usually would be, I then began to sprint. I finally reached my wooden house, all around it were fenced areas were I kept animals, but I noticed something, there were no animals just things like porkchops, steak, leather, wool and feathers, all the gates had been removed I turned to see another animal pen, with a strange mob.

It had the body of a wolf, black fur, red eyes, it tried to get into my sheep pen, suddenly in a blink of an eye the gate was onfire and burning, it burnt away and walked into the area and immedietly, attacked all the sheep, some of the sheep burst into flames then once they were all gone it walked toward me. I immedietly grabbed my diamond sword and ran away from it, I opened my house door and ran through looking for a few wolves and I found some, but the thing followed me in and set fire to everything in my house, I sent all my wolves at it, then charged at it with a diamond sword.

Alas nothing worked all the wolves were beaten instantly and then it attacked, since I was on the new hardcore mode my game reset.

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