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Hello, my name is Zeronis, and I'd like to share somethings that have been happening to me on Minecraft, here it is.

When 1.8 came out, Enderman were my worst fear, I was always afraid of them, one day when I looked at the top of a mountain, I just realized something black was up there, so I just stared at it thinking it was an Enderman. But after 2 minutes at least it teleported away. I went into my home and went to sleep, when I woke up I went outside, and it was day. Sheared some sheep and harvested some wheat, melons and sugarcane, when I noticed an Enderman was on the other side of the garden, and it was daylight. Nothing above him he wasn't burning, he just stared at me, then teleported away. He's been following me ever since, on servers especially. I go outside only to see him staring at me, when I get near him and try to attack he's already teleported. But one day I was mining, and he was watching me the entire time, mining away the blocks, I turned around hoping to go back to the surface to store my precious ores, when I saw that Enderman staring at me, with RED eyes. I was confused, they were purple before and now they're red? The Enderman somehow picked up my guy, I started lol'ing so hard, it looked hilarious, until he ripped my guys arm off. My minecraftian started screaming in pain, tons of blood came out of the socket. The Enderman reached in and started ripping out organs, a lot of people would've thrown up or something, but I just watched in amazement. The Enderman devoured my character and looked at my screen, then let out an extreme ear piercing shriek, this is the reason I am nearly deaf, it's hard for me to hear (True shit). Raced at the screen, it turned to red and my computer shut off. When I logged back onto my computer there was only one Icon there, it had no picture but it did have words under the blank spot, it said. "BarelyBreathing.Exe" I read a creepypasta involving that, and was told what would happen if I opened it.

He is still following me, every night I feel like he's standing over my bed with those red eyes, staring at me.

Also, did you know something?

1.8 came pretty early didn't it?

I was able to get it in July :D

But the people who made it wasn't notch, or the minecraft team

It was some two guys named "nataS and enirboreH" some odd names right?

Also, no I'm NOT shitting you, this is real. During the time I was to scared to press f2, considering it was already gone when I came back from the bathroom to log back onto the computer.

And yes, I DO have real pictures of this, I will put them on later.

Endiousity is down, in one of my worlds, still more to go.

Played multiplayer with my friend, and guess what? Zombies and skeletons don't burn when I'm not near them.

Daylight Mobs?

Wat Do D:

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