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I woke up. It was a normal day, I ate breakfast, brushed my teeth, grabbbed the laptop and Pringles, and played Minecraft. I created a new world with the seed "HEROBRINE IS FAKE" and played it, After punching a few trees I made a house. When I got out of my first mining hole, my house was gone!

I swear I saw white eyes in the houses place. It looked like the house exploded from a creeper. I made a house out of the dropped dirt blocks, and placed the crafting table and furnace in it.

When I was walking away to find some pigs to get food from, I fell in a hole. I thought it was a chunk error, but there was a floor made of diamond so it couldn't have been one.

I tried to mine the diamond, as I had an iron pickaxe. When I mined a block, a sign appeared saying: "Do you believe now?"

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