Minecraft Potion of Confusion

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Minecraft is a fun game. I play it a lot during the weekend. I have it on the phone, computer, and xbox 360. I always check if there are new updates. I first seen minecraft on youtube when I was 9.

It was during my spring break. While looking up modes for minecraft, I got a text on my phone. It was my friend Eric. He sent the text in bold letters saying "DUDE THERES A NEW UPDATE!" I quickly got of internet explorer and updated minecraft on PC. It was the 1.7.8 update. When I checked the new update information, there was nothing. I thought it was just a bug in the minecraft launcher so I launched minecraft.

I created a new world once I was at the menu. I named the world "Version Test 1.7.8." I saw some glitches while playing but it was nothing. I saw nothing new until I came upon a potion. "The Confusion Potion," I read to myself. That was new so I tried it out. Once I did my head felt dizzy. As if the potion effected me too. It stopped once the potion stopped effecting my character. I got spooked out for a moment but I still played.

I had no modes on which was boring. So I went to the minecraft menu and went to texture packes and modes. I had only one mode. I was really sure I had more modes. I was really confused but I got really worried when I read the only mode that I had. It was called "Real life mode" which I never saw while searching up modes. I was really bored so I turned the mode on. Then my computer went black.

"How the heck did my computer shut off by it self when I didn't touch the power button"

I then turned my computer on. As I did I heard a noise from my speakers while my computer was rebooting. It was like a screech from a animal or something. Once it was finished, I remembered I had to finish my essay for social studies. I then pressed word document and selected my saved essay. I stared at the screen as my essay was turned into a bunch of letters. I was really scared.

"COME ON! I WAS ALMOST FINISHED! Well I still have 1 week till I go back to school."

I then was put into the minecraft menu automatically. I didn't select minecraft. When I clicked exit game, a text popped up saying "Drink the potion first!" I was confused.

"What potion? That jacked up potion of confusion? NO WAY!"

Then I heard breathing behind me. I turned around. Herobrine was behind me. His glowing white eyes staring at me. I was stuck in my chair. I called my mom and dad but they didn't hear me. Then I heard herobrine talk, "Drink the potion or suffer the consequences!" I then did what he say and open up the world I made.

Once I entered, it was like hell. Lava everywhere, blood shed on the dirt, and a chest sitting on top of countless monsters that I slayed while playing. The creeper, zombie, spiders, and so much more. I was switched to survival mode. I open the chest. There was the potion of confusion and a gun. I had no mods on except the "Real Life mode." I then drank the potion. I last saw people all around me, trapped in poles of flesh. My character came out the monitor with the gun. I blacked out as the sounds of shooting, screaming, and herobrine's laughter.

I woke up on my computer desk. I thought that was a dream as my mom yelled "IT'S BREAKFEST TIME!" I then went to eat some cereal and pancakes. I then went to watch some TV. I then flipped to News 5.

"Hello everyone, this is news 5 reporting a horrifying murder."

"6 people were found in a abandoned house found shot numerous times. No survivors were found."

"Officers say that the murder happened last night. They couldn't identify what gun was used when the murder happened as they found square bullets on the floor."

I was wrong. That was no dream. Once my mom and dad went to work, I then went to my computer. Looking at the minecraft launcher, the update was no longer seen. As if it was fake. I started laughing in joy. I couldn't stop as if I was being controlled. I got on the world I made. I then spawned on grass having a gun in my inventory. Then an achievement popped up.

Achievement: Assistant- help herobrine

I soon realized, I was the murderer. I was filled in shame as I now know I murdered the 6 people. Herobrine tricked me to doing evil stuff. I then lay on my bed, staring into a blank part of my room. Thinking of what I done.

Credited to Thenewkidz 

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