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So,that one day i wanted to play minecraft because i was bored.

I started building things in Creative,one of the things was an obsidian p*nis.

Once i got bored,i used the codes to make myself in Survival.

Instead of survival it switched me to a mode called:Evil PatrixxxxCraft

I checked my desktop to see the Minecraft files and heres how they were:EVilpatrixxxxCraft.exe,Andthenaskeletonpoppedout.longname,RandomFileToFillUpSpace.exe,and KillingInYourSleep.wtf.I did a dump in my pants  when i saw KillingInYourSleep.wtf.But once i changed my pants i continued playing minecraft.Then a Skeleton popped!But it was just the mob so i pwnd it.I wanted to continue making the obsidian p*nis and once i was done i made Lava on top and made glass edges to make it look like...You know...

But that wasnt the end of my adventure...

I wanted to pwn the ender dragon with my epic trolling skills even though its not an attack in Minecraft.So,1 Troll attack mod later i continued.The Ender Dragon farted and then the whole Ender blew up.I was back in the Overworld when i respawned.But i saw a brand NEW mob.The... TOILET OF DOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It killed me in 2 seconds.So i had to respawn again,but i also had to take a "Dump" because i played for 2 hours.After 3 seconds of "dumping" i respawned.Although another mob showed up. One part of my body thought it was a bad idea.The other part thought about "Fgdhjfk" because that part is stupid!So i kept on until i found out the mob was EVIL PATRIXXXX. (4589439534594768954675379345674689374689574638546389546754896375895672504589470628 hours of going to the toilet from fear and p*ssing myself from fear later)

EVIL PATRIXXXX popped out and killed me and then the world blew up and nothing exists anymore except Chuck Norris and FGDHJFK.And yet i can still type this.And then Ender Dragon popped up again and FARTED and theres NOTHING there anymore.

Written by XtremeGamer297
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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