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Once upon a time, in a land far away

There once lived a man, named Miniman

He was so mini... you know any Mario game, where the angry mushroom would shrink Mario?

Yeah, well just times that by one hundred, that's how small he is

But... being small has its advantages and disvantages

Like, Miniman became king of the mice kingdom

Because he was good with everyone, that he got the cheese for them. By the way, he was friendly with everyone, so most of the human population let him live with him.

The disvantages of him being small, was that he couldn't reach the top shelf in the kitchen, where the cookies are

Nor go grocery shopping, without A). Tried to be squashed upon. Or B). Couldn't reach/had a struggle with the top shelf where he needed something badly.

One day, he went grocery shopping (because he needed peanuts, for his elephant Wumbo)

(You're probably asking yourself "How can a really really really really really... X infinty small man have a regular sized elephant. Well, here's your answer. Its A). Fuck Logic at this point of time, and B). It's my story, I can do whatever the fuck I want with it.)

But, back to the story.

He was getting peanuts for his Elephant, Wumbo

Then out of nowhere, groups of zombies started charging at the door

Why? Because they were pissed at Microsoft

I know, I would be pissed if I waited for a new X box, and all they created was a re-used VCR.

So, Miniman, had no idea what to do

So, he just got pissed and started yelling at the zombies

Because they were in the way with his Grocery Shopping.

That seemed to do the trick, because every time Miniman said one simple word, one zombie just collapsed.

Then, once the zombie population died...

Not giving two shits, Miniman continued on with his day

That is... until Wumbo ate him, because he thought Miniman was a peanut

The End

Created by the Creepypasta Chat

Written by Fatal Disease
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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