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Back in 2009, I went to Blockbuster, and I was looking in one of the sections of the building, and then I found a VHS with the name Mr krabs suicide, I did not think much of it and thought it was just a joke name the employees had forgotten to get rid of, I went to the cashier, and the cashier said "Oh, that Spongebob one, you can just have it, you dont have to rent for it, its all yours." I was a bit confused, but it did not think much about it, I got into my car and drove home, I went into my living room, and put it in my VCR, and watched it, The theme song was normal, when it showed the title card it said Mr krabs' suicide and I said "so it wasn't a joke name?", I got scared a little bit but I watched it anyway,

the screen zoomed too Spongebobs, Squidwards, and Patricks houses, it cut to static, then it showed Squidward inside his house, and he was about to his clarinet as usual, When he started to play Spongebob And Patrick were playing outside and Spongebob and Patrick were laughing And Squidward was annoyed by this, so he went to his window and opened it and said to Spongebob and Patrick, "Will you guys be quiet?, I have a concert to practice for!", And Spongebob and Patrick replied with "Oh!, Sure thing Squidward!", And Squidward went back to his clarinet and kept playing,

then it cut to the inside of the Krusty krab, and everything was going normal, Until Bubble Bass came in and asked for a Krabby patty with extra pickles, So Spongebob made Him one, and he gave it to him, when he sat on a chair by a table to eat it he took the pickles out of the Krabby patty and ate them, and then came back to complain that his Krabby Patty did not have any pickles, And Mr krabs heard it, So he ran out of his office to Bubble bass who was holding in his dollar, And Mr krabs grabbed Bubble Bass' dollar and said to him that we will do anything to his drink, But Bubble Bass kept saying "No", and walked out of the building, and Mr krabs said "2 dollars! 2 dollars no!", and he started crying, and Spongebob and Squidward walked up to him, And Squidward said "Mr krabs, its just a stupid Dollar!", But Mr krabs kept crying, Then it cut to static for 2 minutes, and then it showed Mr krabs at his house sitting at his bed, he just sat there without blinking, Then he Grabbed a chainsaw and turned it on and stabbed it into his chest, and it then showed a image of His dead body on the ground, the screen stayed like that for 4 minutes, then it cut to a funeral for Mr krabs, and everyone was crying, including Plankton and Squidward, then it cut to the outro but the outro theme was reversed and then it ended, I was scared, now I keep it in a box in my VHS closet, never to be watched again.

Written by The carboard box nobody cares about
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