Murder Day

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There was a day with no rules. No laws. Lock your doors, board up your windows. Hide your kids and hide your wives. Most refer this to 'Hell Day'. You hear the screams of children and adults about their loss. "MY HUSBAND!" screamed a lady. The crying and laughter you hear in the air. Gun shots fired everywhere. I saw a little girl no older than 4 stabbed serval times in her stomach, her eyes were poked out and a bullet shot out through her check. Her mother crying and held her in her arms looking into the girls eye socects. Then a little old lady asked me if i could hide her. "No" i said " please mrs. i really want to live!" "okay" I said "So want to play a game?" the old creepy lady said with a shurged smile on her face. "Sure" i said rolling my eyes the lady took out a knife and stabbed me in the back. "thanks for keeping me safe!" she said with a devilish laugh. Then she disaperd into darkness, leaving me on the floor with a hole in my side i wiggiled for a bit then everthing else was a blurr. I woke up in the hospitil i saw the nurse. She looked familar. "Dont be afraid...your alright now" she said laughing just like the old lady.

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