My Milkshakes

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One day, I went to Mcdonalds and I ordered a Milkshake. It was so yummy in my tummy (just the first sip). When I went in for the second sip, I heard a loud stampede. Outside of the fast food joint was a ton of boys, stampeding towards the glass. I knew what was happening. THEY WANTED MAH MILKSHAKES. CAUSE THEY BRING ALL THE BOYS TO THE YARD. Me, in full panic mode, I ran before they charged like a pack of wild bulls in the store. Once I left, with my milkshake still in my hand, they bombarded the place, glass everywhere, and the boys sniffing me out (because they want my milkshake). They found me near the bridge of Belle Isle, and they grabbed my milkshake, and violently, took turns sipping it. That is when I realized I cannot, never again in my life, buy a milkshake.

Written by Fatal Disease
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