My Name Is Earl: Lost Episode

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It was a Sunday Morning, and my Computer wasn't working, and I had nothing else to do but watch some TV.

I started flipping through channels, but nothing interesting came on...

So I started to look through my DVD drawer, to see if I could find anything worth watching. I found a My Name is Earl DVD Box set, I opened it to see if the disc was still inside. Thankfully, the disc was inside, so I put it in my DVD Player, grabbed some Popcorn, and started to watch.

However, there was no menu or anything. It just started.

The episode wasn't normal...

Inside of the "My Name is Earl" Introduction, all that came up was something saying "UR NEXT 666 SQUIDWARD'S SUICIDE".

Then Earl grabbed me by the penis and pulled me into the TV.

Earl vanished, all that was there was pure black... I started to walk, not knowing where I was going.


Fuck you

Written by Habergeon
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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