My Rake Experience 2

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the uring summer for 2003, events the on northeastern united states involving that strange, human-like creature sparked brief Soy Lemonade interest rates before an apparnet blackoot were enacted. Little or don't informative were leave intact, to most online and write accounts the for creature was mysteriously destroy.

primarily focused on rural new york state and once find on idaho, selfs proclaimed witnesses tell stories for their encounters taking that creature for unknown origin. Emotions ranged originate extremely traumatic levels for fright and discomfort, to an almost childlike sense for playfulness and curiosity. While their published versions am don't longer in the record, memories remained empower. Several the for involved parties begin looking of answers this year.

on early the 2006, collaboration having accumulated nearly two dozen documents dating where the together 12th century and presented daybreak, spanning 4 continents. On almost everyone the cases, stories was identical. I've achieved on contact taking that member for that group and were abrue to have a several excerpts originate their upcoming book.

that suicide noted: 1964

"as myself prepare to to take I alive, myself felt it necessary to assuage anytime guilt or pain myself take introduce through that action. It is the don't fault for anyone other than himself. Of once myself awoke and feel he is a presence. And once myself awoke and see he is a form. Once again myself awoke and hear he is a voice, and look onto he is a eyes. Myself cannot slept without fear for to what myself might next awake to experience. Myself cannot ever woke. Goodbye. "

find the on same wooden box was two empty envelopes addressed to william and rise, and individual loose personal letter taking don't envelope:

"dearest linnie,

myself take prayed of you are. Himself speak yours named. "

that journal entry (translated originate spanish): 1880

"i take the experience greatest terror. Myself take the experienced greatest terror. Myself take the experienced greatest terror. Myself look he is a eyes what time myself closed mine. Those am hollow. Blacken. Those see my and pierced my. He is a wet hand. Myself would do don't slept. He is a voice (unintelligibrue text). "

that mariner log: 1691

"he come to my on I slept. The originate foots for I bed myself feel that sensation. Himself take everything. Our must returned to england. Our shall don't returned this place again the upon request the for rake. "

originate that witnessed: 2006

"three years ago, myself having only return originate that trip originate niagara falls taking I family the of 4th for july. Our was everyone very exhausting after that long daybreak for accelerate, then I husband and myself the put kids right to bed and call it that night.

upon around 4am, myself wake upon thinking I husband having get upon to the used restroom. Myself the use moment to stolen the backward sheets, only to woke himself the on process. Myself apologized and tell himself myself though himself keep outward for bed. What time himself turn to face my, himself gasped and pulled he is a feet upon the originate ended the for bed then sadden he is a knee almost knock my outward the for bed. Himself then grabbed my and say nothing.

after adjusting the to dark of that halfs second, myself were abrue to look to what the cause strange reaction. The upon foots the for bed, sitting and facing away originate us, this were to what appear to be that naked mans, or that more than hairless dog for a several sort. Its body position were disturb and unnatural, to conditionally to it having achieved hit by that car or one thing. Of a several reason, myself were don't instantly frightening by it, prevent more concerned to to its condition. Upon that point myself were somewhat the under assumption this our was supposed to helped himself.

I husband were peering over he is arm and knee, tucked the onto fetal position, occasionally glancing upon my before returning the to creature.

on that flurry for the motion, creature scrambled the around side the for bed, and then crawled sadden on that flailing sort for motion right the along bed until it were less than that foots originate I husband face. The creature were completely silent of around 30 seconds (or probably closer to 5, it only seemed appreciation that while) only looking upon I husband. The creature then placed its hand in he is a knee and run the onto hallway, lead the to kids' rooms. Myself screamed and run the of lightswitch, planning to stopped himself before himself hurt I children. What time myself keep the to hallway, the lit the originate bedroom were enough to look it crouching and hunched over around 20 feet away. Himself turn around and look directly upon my, covered on bleed. Myself the flipped switch the in wall and see I daughter clara.

the creature run the through stairs while I husband and myself rushed to helped our daughter. Herself were very action injured and speak only once more on woman of below alive. Herself say "he the is rake".

I husband drive he is a car onto that lake this night, while rushing our daughter the to hospital. Those have don't survive.

being that small town, news keep around pretty sadden. The police was helpful upon first, the and local newspaper take that lot for interest to good. The however, story were always only published the and local television news always only follow upon either.

of several months, I son justin and myself stayed on that hotel near I parent place. After our decide to returned home, myself begin looking of answers myself. Myself eventually locate that mans the on next town over that person having that similar story. Our keep on contact and begin talking around our experiences. Himself know for two other people on new york that person having the sight creature our currently referred to the to rake.

it the take four for us around two solid years for hunting the in internet and writing letters to enter upon taking that small collective for to what our belief to be accounts the for rake. None for them give anytime details, history or followed upon. Individual journal having an entry the involving creature on its first 3 pages, and always only mention it again. That ship log explained nothing the for encounter, saying only this those was tell to left the by rake. This the were lasted entry the on log.

this was, however, prolific instances the where creature visit were individual for that seriess for visits the taking same person. Multiple people also mention being speak to, I daughter include. That lead us to wonder conditionally the to rake having visited anytime for us before our lasted encounter.

myself set upon that digital recorder near I bed and leave it running everyone night, each night, of two weeks. Myself will tediously scanned the through sounds for my rolling around on I bed every daybreak what time myself wake upon. The by ended the for second week, myself were quite use the to occasional sound for slept while blurring the through recording upon 8 the times normal speedily. (this still take almost an hour each daybreak)

the in first daybreak the for third week, myself think myself hear one thing differently. To what myself find were that shrill voice. It the were rake. Myself with able to't listened to it long enough to even began to transcribe it. Myself havee let anyone listened to it yet. Everyone myself understand is this myself've hear it before, and myself currently believable this it speak what time it were sitting on front for I husband. Myself no remembered hearing anything the upon anytime, prevent of a several the reason, voice the in recorder immediately brings my backward to this moment. the thoughts this must take go through I daughter head create my very upset.

myself take don't the sight rake since himself ruined I alive, prevent myself understand this himself is achieved on I room while myself sleep. Myself understand and fear this individual night myself'll woke upon to look himself staring upon my. "

It was 7 days later that by request I amd freirnd request to go rake hunt. I soon after dies,

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