My first creepypasta: No eared Pichu

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A few weeks ago I was looking for my new super Mario bros. 2 game and found my Pokémon soul silver. I looked around for my 3ds and put it in I noticed that there was only 3 Pokémon in my party. A Charizard, Noctowl, and a Pikachu but that's not to important. I went into a pokemart the one in Olivine and saw the guy standing in a green suit I talked to him and he gave me a pichu. I realized this was the spiky eared pichu event even though I never got it from the mystery gift but I still went to the ilex forest and went to that little hut tree house thing and pressed a and a pichu came out from behind it. It hoped out with a slower cry and it was missing an ear and there was pixilated blood from behind it. A text box came up and said "Hide and go seek?" with a yes or no option a said yes and it ran behind a tree. I went behind the tree and pressed a and it ran again I repeated this for a while and finally it ran out of the forest. I was so puzzled by this but I followed it. I followed it all the way to Ecruteak it finally stopped and I slowly walked toward it. It turned around and attacked me then the battle scene came up. The pichu had white eyes and where the ear should have been it it was just bleeding then I sent out my charizard and tried to attack it. The text said pichu was not effected pichu used turbo fang a move I don't even thing is in the game and it 1 Hit KOd my Pokémon. The text at the bottom said all Pokémon knocked out Ash (my name in Pokémon soul silver) most attack, I had 1 move and it was double slap I tried to use it and the text said failed. Pichu was next and used another move I never heard of before called electricutioner and it said Ash was killed and the game froze. I reset it and the save was gone. 

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