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First off i want to say this realy happend to me and not made up. I never knew what the rake or creepypasta for that matter befor i saw a creepypasta minecraft mod. After that I got in to creepypasta and lisening to mrcreepypasta. I found out what the rake was and thout it was realy cool and that it would be cool if it was real. It was sevral weeks later and my family was out eating and when we came home i looked across the street and i saw something pale in the dark. I couldnt see detals because it was dark, but i got a long look at it because my front door was jamed like ushale. I thout it was the rake because i have a wild emaganation and i dismissed it as being the dark playing triks on my mined. It wasnt long after that i started hearing things like something skattering around. It got wores from there, sunday march 3 at 9:30-10:30 pm i heard something moveing across the floor. I looked over and saw a pair of white blank eyes looking at me. I heard it come close and heard it groul at me i tould some of my freinds online. One made fun of me but the other two said to stay calm and do what it says if it says anything. The mext day at school two other freinds (not the ones online ) and me made a club looking for myithicle creachers. Were going after the rake first by my request and i did some reserch online and found a rake atacck in niagera falls on the fourth of july at 4:00 am 2006 and tryed to find a conectoin to the two encounters. When i got home to look up what day the fourth was and it was sunday! And in another encounter it drew a devils pentigram on the wall. Now you mite be wonering how does this have anything to do with tje encouners? Whele sunday is a holy day in mose religens amd the rake is some kind of devil worshiper so its rebelious to atacck on a holy day. My freind also did reserch and found that it was made by hadies a romen or greek god and one day all of his greek and romen books disapered meaning that it worships hadies. It took only his mytholiges books. This may not be proof to you but i belive that it out there and i will prove it someday.

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