My theory on video games (4-Part Epic)

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i, as an true god fearing homo-hatin red-blooded american, have been fearing that video games are going to cause the downfall of mankind for causes us to kill each other by training us to kill each other with there liberal bias. in order to do this i have constructed a machine that runs on the tears of creatues from the raneforest. its a renewable sorse of energy and i have found quite nicely that it works quite nicely. the point of this machine is that it is capable of prodicting what will happen in the future if video games are still allowed to exist. unfortunatly it only sent 1/4 of the story to 4 different people on the planet one of which was me. i have rounded the other 3 all up and got them to write waht they saw. i hope this will shut up those dumb internet people who weihg like 90 pounds and stay in front on there computer all day and if you are one you probably have a bag of cheetos next to U. right now. 

part one (By Givemepancakes)

okay so eventualy technology for video games will get beter over time eventually people will be able to upload themselves onto video games. their bodies will decompose and turn into dust. because of this everyone will upload themselves on computers and they will die and be only on computers. well except for one country. AFRICA. since africa doesnt get vidoe games they wont be absorbed into computers. because nobody else is left joseph kony will come into power and raise an army of hoodlems to take over the rest of the world. then they will discover that the dust from the peoples bodies makes very good material for making spaceships out of and he will colonize mars and eventually come into contact with an alien civilization which he will enslave based on a bad Poker bet from teh alien king. he will then use the alien technology to meld his army of hoodlems with the aliens, thus creating a hybrid species capable of creating gateways to other dimensions. so bottom line if we let video games continue being produced, JOSEH KONY WILL RULE THE UNIVERSE WITH HIS RACE OF HYRBRID SOLDIERS. WANT PROVE? well guess what. there were some news reporters who mistook arma 2 for real war footage.this shows that already even as we speak the line between video games and reality is being blurred. eventually we could be all put on video games....?

kony and a fat female charmander (by elliot12343789)

One day kony was like "ermergerd I mer gerner terk over ther werld!" But then a female fat charmander said "no, rub my belly or eles." Kony didn't do now he was eaten by the charmander belly, which is always groaning. Derp. Derp. Derp.her stomach is still digesting him. And now kony is still trapped in the charmanders stomach. Infact I think kony made it a country. No wait i just got words that he was digested.


Well kony's son takes his place and rules it with an iron fist made by iron man who will tomorrow come and announce that video games are now replacing your brain. kony's ghost approved of this and said coca cola had cocaine and thats why video games are replacing brains. a skeleton (kony's) popped out of the female charmander while all of this was happening. some say that is why skeletons always pop out. the hybrid soldiers accidentally destroy all dimensions except for ours at the same time also.

How To Contribute 

Yes, second contributer, your story has to revolve around what horrible acts Joseph Kony does after he takes over the universe. But ONLY THREE people can contribute. Your title has to say that you wrote it. Once Part Four is done, delete this. But don't lock it, since I still have to write the conclusion. Your part must have a minimum of 8 sentances.

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