My toilet is cool

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listen up here. this is important. here is a story of an awesome thing. i once saw my mother and she said i bought you a new toilet. i was like THANKS MAN. but then when i saw the toilet i saw 2 hands of 2 hands coming out of the 2 toilets that a toilet in it. I WAS LIKE HOLY then i ran to my living rooom and sayed to the people of my town HEL ME PLEASE HEL I DO ANYTHING. BUT THEN THEY SEY YU BY YO SELF BY FUUL. i was all like help shit but then i see hands sticking out and i like please dont do this but then i find out it the ghost who try to kill me last time. i said oh no! as i ran to the toilet and took a dump i casted scary evil ghost under the toilet to the sewers and i was so proud of my self. yyyyaaayyy! lol

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