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Just to start out dont read this at night.or it will give you nightmares! it starts 2 years ago at russia. they have just made a nucular powerplant. it was EXTREMELY radioactive. they had radioactive sighns EVRYWHERE. they had to lock evry single door at the powerplant. only russian and the u.s.a army where alowed there. they had a big sighn that said NO NAZIS. it was a big powerplant they had. it all went a-ok TILL the nazis attacked this was a baad thing. they went for the powerplant first! they took out the guards then made there way inside. they thought if they set off a nuke to blow up a ALREADY MEGA NUKE powerplant. so they planted the nuke. they had t - 3 seconds to get out.

went it went of 1000 nazis died and the WHOLE state of russia was wiped out. 1000 nazis lived 200 russians lived 10 americans lived. for the ones who did escaped where fine. BUT the ones who didnt but lived tuned into mutants. and the mutans spread out when they got to the nazis base they attacked the whole state. none lived. so to this day the mutants still are alive but they are held captive. at any moment they can escape. they may have already! thats why people lock their doors. not to stop bugulars. thats a lie. we lock our doors to keep them out. just in case if they got out.....have fun sleeping tonight! >:]

Credited to Shadow091443

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