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This is a spinoff of the beatles cartoon lost episode pasta, I don't like the pasta, but this was made out of boredom. To put why I don't like about that pasta in short, it's insulting to john lennon, yes im aware he wasn't perfect, but he wouldn't do these things in the pasta.

I just want this to be over.

If anyone is watching this, Paul, ringo, george, cynthia, I don't care who! Please help me! Wake me up from this hell, please.. Pour water on me, hit me with a bloody brick, I don't care what, how, or even who has to do it! I'll take anything just to get out of this nightmare, even if I have to sustain injuries just to get out. I've been in fights, so I won't care. But please..please help me, I don't want to watch it happen again. I can't watch everyone be hurt again, I know it isn't real, but it still pains me everytime I have to sit through it.

I'm going to give context just in case if cynthia is watching this, as paul, ringo and george know where I am, possibly trying everything they can to help me.

I feel bad.

I really do.

I shouldn't have suggested listening to the bloody CD, then I wouldn't be in this mess, watching different versions of you getting hurt. Or..y'know what, I'll get to that later. Let me just start from the beginning.

It had been a regular day.

The lads and I had been relaxing after recording a few songs. Ringo, George and I were all in the recording studio, all staring up at the ceiling. We had our heads up in the cloud- ok, no point in sugarcoating, the three of us were all stoned. I forgot who brought the drugs over, but basically, we all decided to smoke them and then..poof, we were all gone and thinking we were in space. This wasn't exactly the best idea, as Paul had decided to plan a lake trip, and there was a 99% chance one of us would've fallen in and drowned, thinking there was something shiny. Ringo isn't the best swimmer either, so there's that.

Speaking of Paul, he had gone out for a walk to try and get away from us, not joining our little drug session. He was gone for a couple hours, and despite me being high, I was getting concerned as time went by. However, thankfully, he returned with something in his hands. We all turned to look at him, and we see a CD in his hands. At least, I assume that's what its called. I'm not sure, it's what Paul said anyway.

To put it in short, I had suggested listening to it out of pure curiosity. We put it in, and I put on headphones and had it on a decent volume. Right away, I started hearing these..odd noises. I couldn't exactly describe them, I could make out a few words, but it quickly slipped my mind. Out of nowhere, the volume suddenly went up ..and I just can't remember what happened after that.

I do remember hearing Paul call my name, but the next thing I knew, everything just went completely white.


"John, are you alright?"

I soon wake up on the floor, hearing paul's voice. It was odd, he seemed so calm now, when I could've sworn I heard him panicking earlier. I check my surroundings, realizing I'm still in the recording studio. However none of the lads were near me, I couldn't find them anywhere. Despite being a little frantic, I look again. There, I find george and ringo, along with paul trying to wake something..or someone, up. I tilted my head, walking over to see what was going on. My eyes widen when I see who's sitting in the chair next to the rest of them.


I look down at myself, seeing that I appeared..transparent. Several questions ran through my mind. Am I dead? What's going on? Did I die?. My thoughts were soon interrupted by the other me waking up, adjusting the headphones covering his ears. "Are You alright?" Ringo asked. At first, I thought they were talking to me, but then I realize they're talking to the other me. He took off the headphones he was wearing, giving a small nod.

Seeing is not believing, seeing is killing.

That suddenly rang through my ears, I didn't have the chance the chance to figure out who said that, as I'm interrupted by the other me looking at george. "What time is it George?" He asked. "1:13. You've been out for a while. Do you need to go to bed John?" George asked, getting a response from the other me, which was a head shake.

"No, I'll be alright. Say Paul, are you still up for that lake trip?" The other me asked.

"I..I guess so. But if you're not feeling well John, we can cancel." Paul answered.

"Like I said, I'll be alright. This is nothing." The other me replied, resting his face in his hands. All three of my friends looked at each other with worry, while I just looked on, dumbfounded. "Lads..that's not the real me. I'm right here!" I said, flailing my arms up and down to try and get their attention. None of them answered, instead, everything turned dark, flicking back to normal as I see all four of us walking to the lake, our little conversation getting interrupted by crazed fans.

I see all of them run to chase after us, getting this weird feeling something bad was about to happen. I turn around for a second, soon hearing the fans suddenly go quiet. I debated on turning back around, the fact that I now smelled something burning just made me even more hesitant on turning my head. But my stupid self did, and im graced with fire, along with the other me putting away a box of matches. That's when I put two and two together.

They're gone.

All of the fans are gone.

I choke back the urge to vomit as I see all four of us turn around to see the terrible sight, noticing Paul's petrified look. Ringo was quick to vomit, having a sensitive stomach.

"Wh..what happened?" Paul managed to say.

"Who did this?!" George said, going to comfort the now sick ringo. I wouldn't do this. Not by a long shot. Yes, i consider the fans annoying often. Yes, I can get mean. Yes, I can become aggressive. But would i commit a crime and do this? NO!

The other me looked over at my friends, his expression blank. "Just forget about it." He said. Paul looked on in complete shock as to what 'I' just said, and I couldn't blame him. "What about our fans? I know you find them annoying, but we can't just leave them like this! They're dyi-" Paul was cut off my 'me' grabbing him by the arm, staring him dead in the face with a heavy, enraged glare. Paul looked on in fear as the grip on his arm tightened.

"I. Don't. Give. A. Fuck. About. Them.

Think about it Paul, don't you think they deserved it? Why bother worrying about them?" 'I' asked, letting go of Paul's arm and shoving him to the floor. "Why bother? Why bother?! Are you out of your mind?! They're humans to! They don't deserve to be turned to ash!" Paul said, quickly standing up, glaring back at 'me.'

"Quit fighting and help me put this out! You can argue about this later!" George snapped, trying to put out the large fire. Ringo had his head in his knees, and the other me went to go check on him while paul helped George with the fire. Everything turned dark again, and a loud gunshot rang through my ears, causing me to cover them. I don't really wanna go into detail as to what happens next..but It ends up with all my friends dying one by one. Paul and george getting killed, and ringo being in the hospital dying as well. I cried and screamed, wanting it to stop.

But no, I didn't get my wish.

It's happening over and over again.

And everytime it does, I cry harder.

It never ends. I never wanted this to happen. No matter how much I begged and cried, it just didn't end.

That's why I'm crying for help now.

Just wake me up from this hell.

Credited to Macca-Films 

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