Never Upload A Tally Hall Shitpost

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One day, I decided to join a subreddit on reddit, called "Tally Hall Shitposting" boy, when I tell you that was the biggest mistake I've ever made, I really mean it. I went on pinterest to find a Tally hall image that was a shitpost. It read "Don't post this at 3am!11!!1!!1 or Tally hall will come and kidnap, torture, and subject you to the eldrich horrors!!1!!1!" I chuckled reading it, and downloaded it as a PNG. I should have listened to the person who made the image. I posted it on the subreddit, at 3am just to spite the original image poster. I felt a hand grab my shoulder as soon as it was posted, I didn't even get the chance to look at who it was before a bag was thrown over my head, I had gotten tied up, and was chucked into the back of a van. I heard a familiar that...Ross Federman? "They should have listened to the OP..." I felt a shudder go down my spine. The back was shut, and we started to drive. I had passed out from shock. When I awoke, I was in a basement, still tied up. I saw the tallies sitting at a table, drinking tea together. I whisper quietly to myself. "Oh boy, it sure would suck if that was evil tea." I looked at the packaging on the table. It read 'EVIL TEA FOR EVIL GENTLEMAN'. I screamed in horror as tally hall noticed me. And grabbed some weapons, starting to beat me with them. Rob had a baseball bat, Bora had a fork, Ross had a knife, Zubin had an ice pick, Andrew had a keyboard, And Joe had a Lego brick. "DON'T POST THIS IMAGE AT 3AM...." They all said in sync, Before I passed out. This was only 1/283773829372629222937392 of the horrors....the lesson of this to NEVER make TALLY HALL SHITPOSTS!!!

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