New Super Mario Bros. 666

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Okay, as you may have all known from the title, you might think that I'm a Nintendo fanatic that has been playing its video games/arcade games since I was young. You were right, ya smart jackass.

Anyways, I was playing my Wii U (The game I was playing was New Super Mario Bros. U), until I recieved a video game from my front porch. It said "New Super Mario Bros. 666" for the 3DS. I really had no idea why they made that game. I haven't found it on eBay, not on Nintendo site, not on stores, no where. I put the card on my 3DS, and started playing.

It looked kinda like New Super Mario Bros. Wii & 2, with the theme song and sound effects and all that. Except the theme song for it was hellish, creepy, and super satan. I thought the game was a copy of NSMB2, or it must've been a hacked game. But I thought to myself, why wouldn't anyone hack a 3DS game? C'mon! No one hasn't done that!

The start of the game started when Mario and Luigi were flying around with their Racoon powerup, until the Koopa's in the ship came in and cutted their faces. Then the game started like the scene was a non-canon. The first level said WORLD 666-666. The life bar said "MARIO x 69." (Hey, 69 is a swell number, right?)

Once I hit a goomba, The screen turns seziurish. The time I hit a koopa, bloodshot zalgo-eyed enemies came in and looked at me. And, for a little part of time, I made it towards the final boss (I'm a completionist, you know).

But, as soon as I started to battle Bowser, a short clip started. Mario came in with a knife and stabbed it on Bowser, and tried to pull his guts and tail out. The screen then went black. Words came out that said:

"You shouldn't have done that, Mario. You know what would've happened if you didn't? I would've let the princess out, and say I was sorry for doing that. I would've stopped capturing and torchering the people of Toadstool, but NO. You just want to keep the princess for yourself. Isn't that right? Well, I'm not going to stop you. Besides, The main thing in life you need to learn is to PLEASE WAKE UP."

I then woke up. I was on my bed, in my bedroom. It was just a dream.

You mean all this time this horribly bad pasta was just a dream, a forgetful memory in my head that didn't seem what it is? Well, you know what they say! All's well that ends well!

MORAL: Nintendo is for SUKAS!

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