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I was bone tired after work, asleep on my couch, but a bone-chilling sound woke me up in the early evening. My throat was bone-dry for fear. I could feel it in my bones that something terrible must have happened outside, but my curiosity overpowered my fear.

It took me a lot of spine to do so, but I went outside to see a bone-breaking accident on my street; a boneheaded numskull had t-boned a wedding car, in such a manner that must have surely been fatal for the ill-fated couple. Why, I had a bone to pick with him, to do be so bad to the bone and do such a thing!

But behold! What's this? The couple emerges unscatched, as though they were immune to death! But then I realized; their faces were skulls! They were a newly wedded couple of skeletons! They could not die for they were already dead! They continued happily driving their similarly undamaged car down the street as though nothing had happened. In fact, it seemed as though the mishap had tickled their funny bones. As they continued down the street I saw the sign on the back of their car, which read: "NEWLYDEADS"

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