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There was a boy known as max. Somehow he was at a very strange place, where he then saw a skeleton. "Who... who are you?" He asked, confused. "Why, I am the very powerful skeleton, young man," He said. "And this is the dark realm, The place where I take preteens and teens to, also known as my home." He then sent him to a very grassy place, where he then saw many giant hawks that can spit acid, which max easily dodged, as the birds didn’t mean any harm as them spitting was natural for them. He then went through various events, until he saw a giant eyeball that shot a laser at him, but luckily, an angel from the heavens shielded max, and took him from that cursed planet. They then find themselves on a planet that has holes that lead to different worlds. One where there were people on fire, another where there was a giant monster with a million eyes. there was one where you would feel the pain of 5,000 bombs, and one where you fall to a near endless hole, and when you are close to the bottom, all your limbs tear off slowly and come back on.After the tenth world, the angel could not handle anymore insanity as she herself has gone insane. She then flew to god to explain what they saw. After hearing it, god sent her to an aslylum to stay for as long as she needs, as she has very clearly gone mad. God also takes her magic way, which unfortunately for max means he can no longer breath in space, and he dies due to lack of oxygen. This adventure max had, however turned out to be a dream, but thanks to the skeleton, max now has the ability to make anyone that exists in real life that was in the dream have the same feeling, age relationship, virtually anything they last had in the dream, they have in real life. Meaning unfortunately, this means max actually died. God then brought him back to life, and took away his ability, and when he came back to life, he was shocked and relieved at the same time, and was about to yell out for his parents when god stopped him, telling him not to ever mention everything that happened to him, as they may believe he is a madman. Years later, max has married and now has a kid, and expects another on the way. He also has started to get therapy to help with his ptsd from what happened, and has gotten better. The angel from long ago has also gotten better, and they sometimes hang out with eachother. Unfortunately, god has not found the skeleton, as he is in a different realm god has not yet detected.

Written by Bluecraftercool
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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