Nyan Cat Vs. Steve

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So, I turned on the Minecraft demo.

Nyan cat is jumping at Steve. Steve has no hand. Nyan Cat has no eye.

Steve kept punching a burnt Nyan Cat, a grotesque Nyan Cat.

Nyan Cat kept biting Steve but Steve's heath bar would not drop! Blood was everywhere. When I looked at steve, I was horrified at what I saw. Then, the screen cut to black for 5 seconds, only to come back and reveal Steve's back, and Steve hunching over a "dead" Nyan Cat. Scratches on Steve's back said "No one succeeds!". Then, Steve said "Burn in hell, you demonic cat!" Steve turned around, and Nyan Cat came up and bit steve in the back of the head, killing him.

Then, Nyan Cat said in a low, demonic voice "No one succeeds!". My X-box shut off right then. I was thinking "What the fuck?". It was all a scary scene.

Credited to Dragonrights72

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