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There is a place on roblox called obby.rbxm. Don't bother trying to find it. It's been all but deleted from the site. The only way to find it is enter an exact page number into the url.

I did. I was looking randomly through pages, when suddenly, there it was. The old site layout was gone. The entire page was just white, with a blue hyperlink entitled 'obby.rbxm'. Out of plain curiosity, I clicked the link. Big mistake. It brought my computer to a complete standstill. It took at least 30 minuites to get the place open, but still I waited with baited breath to see this cryptic place.

My avatar dropped in in the standard way. The place looked relatively normal, exept for the colours. I hadn't seen them before. The skybox was a dark swirling cloud. There was faint static in the background, and the place screen was jolting like an old film. The entire place looked slightly distorted; morbid almost. Still, I progressed on. It's a kids game. It's not scary.

The first obstacle came up. Pretty average; a lava jump. Easy for an obby wizard like myself.

Then, I was totally amazed. Another player dropped in; his name was character00001. I typed in his name on people; he didn't exist, but he didn't move like an AI. He seemed to be a normal player. I said 'Hi' to get his attention. He blatantly ignored me, and rushed through the lava jump. Safechat, saying anything didn't swerve him. I rushed through the challenges with him, until I came to a 'guess the door' obstacle. Character00001 didn't get it right. The door slammed down on him.

Horrificly, the standard WO scene didn't play. Instead of just unwelding to the standard sound, he was chopped in half. Photo-realistic blood was spurting out of his torso. He was screaming in pain. He desperately crawled along the floor in a trail of blood for about 10 seconds before flopping onto the floor.

My character wouldn't respond to the controls. His standard happy grin was gone. He just had a blank stare. He then fell to the ground, sobbing. After what seemed like hours, he got back up and started walking again. The distortion was getting worse. The static was getting louder.

I managed to get through the doors without death. My character was still blankly staring. The next part of the obby to avoid zombies.

The zombies started chasing me. They were just as photo-realistic as character00001's death. Flesh was peeling from them. Their faces were covered in blood. Their entrails were hanging out, spilling blood onto the floor. Also, they were slightly faster than my character. All I could do is wait to be comsumed. I was.

As my character was mauled, the screen blacked out. A picture appeared. I recognised it; it was of my pet cat. It wasn't an old photo either. The screen came back, and my character was limping across a path. His arm was missing, blood was pouring out of the socket. His body was becoming more pale as he walked. He collapsed over what appeared to be a gravestone. On the gravestone was my name. Not my characters name. Mine. A picture of my cat reappeared, but this time it was it was decomposing on the floor, dead.

I turned off the computer, not wanting to see anymore of this. I went into the living room and saw my mum in tears.

She told me the cat had died.

Credited to Lippo1 
Originally uploaded on August 14, 2010

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