Oh, how ORIGINAL! (sarcasm)

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The following story was only made to serve as an example of a terrible creepypasta. It contains errors galore, as well as cliches, and overused themes. Do not take this seriously. Credit goes to Furbearingbrick for the title.

don't read this you will die. ok, hi i'm johnn and this is a true story based on real events so believe me, ok guys? well here it goes...i found a video game at a flea market so I purchased it and I noticed there was a name on the cartirdge named like Kevin or something. it was owned by some guy who died but he loved this game so his family decided to sold it. yes they sold it to me for a cheap price the price was like 25 cents i dont remember the details to well anway. i put the game in the console and a scary noise played like a backwards scream or something the music was backwards and the game shut itself off without me touching anything (itz haunted i tells you). ok so then I turned it back on and a small stick figgure appeared and it said "get me out of hear" so I screamed at the top of my lungs i cut myself with a sharp knife because we were out of sporks and i didn't get a ham slice at dinner so i bcame mad and stsartd toiugn on a rampage and i killed my parents and my dog and i forgot to take out the trash, i turned into slenderman, i looked in the mirror and my face,,,,,,, was not gone but it wasn't their! the game I bought was a Pokemon gamebut I didn'tcareabout but omg and then a skeleton appeared out of the corpses of my parents and dogs and we did the jigg it was fun but also kinda of scary but jeff the killer is my idol, I love him, and I found a haunted exe file on my cp you know it was called Death.exe I opened it up and the numbers 666 was on the file size I was scared but everything was good at the end because I took a massive shit that crapped the badness out of me ok goodbye thanksk for readying and leave a comments on what happened. bye

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