Old man from hell

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so like every1 else i too was excited for pokmon x and y but since i was broke i couldnot buy them

so instand i went two a yard sale my frind told me aboat 5 years ago there was an old man waiting there with a box and as i abbroached him he jumped 20 feet in the hair and did a 359 degre backflip end gave me sumting from the box!! it was a nantedo 64 cartrideg! there was no picture on the fornt but there something written inside the cartrideg! IT WAS SUPERMAN 666 4!!!

I THOUGHT THIS OLD MAN WAS DRUNK AND HIGH AND METALLY UNSTABBLE OR SOMTING!! so i ran away with the cartrideg in hand. when i got back i was curious as what this seamingly bootlag game was like

i played superman 6 4 before but this once seemed even worse! so i brouht out my old n 64 and booted the game up but then it i heard a voice say "POMF" and then the tv started bleeding hyper realistic blood and suddenly a scary sanic doll appeered behind me! I ran to the bathroom and yelled for my sister! 'BLOOD! MAReY! MARYY BLOODY HELL ARE YOU! BLOODY BMARY!" then all of a sadden a hot girl came out from the mrror and was coming for me so i quickly ran out the door and saw the old mang from before sitting on the couch

he looked at me

and sad: you forgot to pay

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