Olimar is Dead

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It was another day at home. I started up my 20 year old GameCube system. It took a while to boot up, not really a surprise, since it was pretty much older than me. I was greeted by the iconic GameCube opening animation, and then my ears were blessed with the atmospheric music of the dashboard. I looked around for a bit, admiring the beauty, and then I decided to put in one of my games - Pikmin.

The console registered the disc, and loaded up the game. It was a black screen for a little while, a long while, longer than usual. While I waited, I went into the kitchen and searched for a snack. Once I grabbed a bag of chips, I suddenly heard the little "Pikmin!" sound in the living room, meaning the game finally loaded in. I rushed back to the console, ready to play. The game analyzed my memory card, and it loaded up my save - Day 8. I entered The Forest of Hope with my Red and Yellow onions, as I have not found the Blue one.

I got my Pikmin out of the onions. They slid down the legs of the onion, and ran right to my side, ready to work. I noticed a bridge that I have yet to build, so me and my Pikmin got right over. One of the Red Pikmin decided to veer off to the left, and start attacking a Pellet. I was very annoyed by this, because we need all the workers we need to unroll this bridge. I decided to grab that single Pikmin, and purposely drown it in the large body of water. As it thrashed around in the water, I smiled thinking this was karma for slacking off, but at the same time, I was quite annoyed, because this will keep happening. The Pikmin AI is very bad in this game.

I then found a wall. Initially, I ordered my Pikmin to go knock it down, but then I started to notice that they kept giving up. It took me a while to figure out what was happening.

"Oh! I need bomb rocks for this wall!"

I took my Yellow Pikmin to one of the little boxes that stashed the bomb rocks, and they all picked them up. I threw the first Pikmin at the wall. It dropped the bomb rock, and ran back to me. The bomb rock exploded, making the wall crumble a little bit. Seeing how far it went down, I was pretty sure that I needed to blow it up 2 more times before it’s down completely. I threw the second Pikmin. It dropped the bomb rock, and ran back to me. The wall crumbled once again. I needed one more explosion before we could pass. I threw the third Pikmin, or at least I attempted to, the bomb ignited right on top of me, and I barely had enough time to react. The bomb exploded, and I died instantly.

Well, I didn’t exactly die, I was just knocked out. Some text appeared on the screen.

"Olimar is down!"

My character stood back up, and entered his ship for the night. I was extremely angry, because that was 1 day wasted. I decided to get revenge on those Pikmin. I entered The Forest of Hope once again, and gathered my Yellow Pikmin. I led them into the body of water, and let them drown. I felt so good seeing them all die, as they had just killed me the day before. They let out some gurgling noises, and they finally died.

"Well, that was fun."

I opened the menu, and clicked "Continue from Last Save" so I could restart day 8. I was ready to continue my playthrough as normal.

That’s when the game started playing the new game cutscene, showing Olimar’s ship colliding with an asteroid. The game had wiped my save. I was so confused. I turned off the GameCube, and turned it back on. The game took me back to the save menu, showing that my save was indeed gone. I reluctantly made a new save, deciding to start over from scratch. I had to deal with all the long, unskippable cutscenes. When I was walking around with the few Pikmin I now have, my game triggered my cutscene. My character somehow noticed a treasure that was in an area that I haven't unlocked yet. When the cutscene ended, I realized I was now in that area, and my Pikmin were not with me. I couldn’t leave the area.

My game was softlocked.

Written by Star shaun
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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