Operation "Heartthrob"

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First off, I would like to apologize for all the pain and suffering I've caused to others. I know that my actions have lead to unspeakable horrors, I just wish God can have mercy on my soul. I was a genetic doctor working on Operation "Heartthrob". It was supposed to monetize younger female audiences by genetically splicing togethor the genes of "attractive males" to create a new person. We should never had tried to screw with nature... our first experiment went awfully wrong. Don't get me wrong it was a complete success but the boy we created was an abomination. We called him Bieber, due to the fact that he had buck teeth like a beaver. He would always sing in his high pitched voice driving some male doctors to committing suicide. The female staff had to be removed for the project as they had aneurisms from screeching at the top at excitement over seeing him.

We could take it no more. Project "Bieber" was posing physical and mental threats to staff personnel. We attempted to euthanize Bieber but he started singing loudly causing doctors to bleed from their ears. As we scrambled for ear protection the Disney Insurgency broke in and stole our research. Mickey Mouse attempted to kidnap Justin just as they had done to Project "Jonas Brothers" . Bieber was able to escape from the Disney Insurgency to the forest where he was raised by music producers until he became the abomination he is now. We should have never attempted this project, but I needed money. The money wasn't worth it. Nothing is worth Justin Bieber being in this world. The Disney Insurgency sold our research to evil music producers who made another boy band atrocity known as "One Direction". May God have mercy on my soul but I cannot live with this guilt anymore. Goodbye cruel world...

Credited to Dr. Brexter 

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