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I find your argument to be repetitive and misogynistic as well as misandristic. You fluently degrade both genders, claiming that women are just used as sex receptacles, and that men are just dumb oafs who don't know any better. Are you, perhaps, a misanthrope or an alien? Because you certainly act like one judging by your sexist, cold behavior that implies hatred for ALL human beings, since there is no other gender besides man and female. Your views are trite and unfair, as well as underdeveloped and barbaric in condition to the expanding osmosis of your degeneracy.

Regarding the cryptic knowledge of the underlying defeat, you also degrade misanthropes and nihilists, though you both act like one. What truly bothers me, though, is your insensitivity to women and females in general. Though I am of the male species, I am a firm believer in the feminist movement and your idea that females are all trash cans for sexual intercourse is absolutely appalling. I find your views to be both biased and eviscerating, underlining the national cosmos of humanitarianism and extroturbulantism, both of which go against the boldly written in stone words of Caesar and Larsson's Law.

Fatalism seems to also arise in your sexism, as you claim that the universe is a diabolical expanding mass in which it's sole purpose is to copulate involuntarily, thus rejecting and marking off all signs of intricate absolutarianism and infallacies of cosmotic contemporaries.

You claim also that men are uneducated defects, however your arguments are clearly taken down with prevalent ease when you think of the retrospective calamitous suspect of male specimens such as Stephen Hawking and Don Campan. Under the defiling truth of humanity's omnipresent success, the omnipotent couragenessness of epileptic atrocities begins to make its mark on the insipidity of your undercasted fatalism driven flaws.

Your behavior is again disappointing, and I expect far better from one whom has apparently studied in omnipresent physics university as well as homosexual and heterosexual cellular developement begins in the core of the infinite space, transporting the molecular metronomes into evaporating penile intrusions of the calamitous entripid corrosions of miscalculative berevity.

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