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I have a wierd but interesting theory. Everybody has played the game pacman right? Well If not you can find ROM's or even on websites like Mostfungames you can play it. Anyway's Basically your a man that look's like a pie and has a mouth. Also, there are 4 ghost's Red = Blinky, Pink = Pinky, Cyan = Inky, and Orange = Clyde. Well as far as i'm aware there is no storyline and if there was I think it would be a grusome tale here's what I think it would be...

Pac was a man in his late 20's. He was a normal guy and he really like fruit and he loved his friends and there favorite colors were Red,Pink,Cyan, And Orange. But one day he was driving drunk but he wasn't as wasted as his 4 friends. Well they crashed into a lake and the only one not trapped was pac. He tried to save his friends but he was running out of air he had to go up. When he went back down he checked his friend's pulses and they were all dead. Pac went back up and went to the Police station and told the chied officer. After the funeral Pac started seeing his friends all in there favorite colors even there skin was in there favorite color. After so long Pac Commited suicide and after that the same fate with his sister ms.pac. And that's my theory on what happend actually well thank's for reading my crazy theories.

Credited to ImcrEEpYAndIknOwIt

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