Pasta with PATRIXXX Spices

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I was walking in the woods. Soon an EVIL PATRIXX?!!?!?!?!!?111 came and charged me into a tree, and started ripping me apart. Then it took my skin off, ripped my guts out and put it into his EVIL PATRIXXX?!?#?!@?$!?$?%?!^?!?/21`4215136 mouth. It was terrible to witness my EVIL PATRIXXX?@!#%?!%?#$!?%#$%?&^?#*?357371956341782`364`967 guts being EVIL PATRIXXX?%&?^?*#/*i?2iSYUH935UOHP34UQH689ZAO7 eaten. Then he started throwing debris and his turds at me and wrapping his tongue around me to choke me... LOL L4D REFERENCEZ LOLLL/!?! and THEN EVERYONE ON WORLD DIED. Superguy163 forgot to logged in and made me "WIKIA CONTWIBBOTO LAWWWL". So anyway... I DIED.

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