Patrick the Killer

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I was up late with my little brother watched Spongebob Squarepants. He loves the show, and when I mean loves the show, I mean HE REALLY LOVES THE SHOW! We would spend all day and night watching episodes past our bed times. But one day, I was watching an episode called "Just One Bite". I loved it. I kept watching it all over again... But, once I saw an subliminal message on the Krusty Krab counter. I couldn't make it out. I think it said "Patri-k is c-ming..." I called my brother in. I pointed out the message. "Probably the makers were fooling around..." He said. My brother and I laughed. 2 days later, I looked up on Google "Spongebob Patrick is Coming". Strangely, nothing showed up. Except for one thing. An old page. (TO BE CONTINUED!!!)

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