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This story was never finished after being initially uploaded here on August 2nd, 2013.

Hello, I am Ben, or as people call me, Ben Drowned. Me and my friend MARIO were bored, so we started looking for jobs that were hiring creepypastas like us. We found two lucky openings at an office in Suicidemouse, AVI. Me and MARIO decided that we should work there. And thats when my life was changed, forever. (Yes MARIO, I know I'm dead).

We arrived in Suicidemouse, and started looking for the office. We found it on Timstorch lane, and were greeted by a young teenage guy with long, black hair. 

"Hi! I'm Jeff! Jeff T. Killer! Are you the new employees? Me and MARIO said yes."Well, come on in then." he said. While we entered, we saw the accountant, Funnymouth. She looked at us and said, "I LIKE YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACE" but she was so freaky looking, I just ignored her. 

We got to the boss's office, and were attacked by Gohma. "Woops, wrong office" Jeff said. He took us to the REAL boss, and we were greeted by a man in only his swim trunks. "HELLO THERE FAITHFUL EMPLOYEES, I'M PATRIXX. WELCOME TO PATRIXX INCORPARATED!" he said. I might tell you what he looks like, but his picture is surrounding this webpage, so.

He took us to our desks, and I decided to pull a little first day prank. MARIO said, "DON'T YOU THINK YOU'VE CAUSED ENOUGH TROUBLE?" "We'll be fine" I said.

And that's when I met the guy next to us.

To be continued

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