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One time I walked down the streets on I was hngry so I went to jack in the box but it turned out that It wasnt jack in the box it was PATRIXX IN THE BOX. I didnt notice the sign so I kept walking untill I saw the cashier, IT WAS PATRIXX. he said that I wanted a burger and started throwing all the hamburgers he could find at me.

So I started world war hamburger and the whole world was at war with PATRIXX who for some reason had a never ending supply of hamburgers, which caused everyone to be covered in tomato sauce (Ketchoop) and then they left because they had to wash there cheese and granny MAMA said it was getting dirty.

After ten minutes everyone had to wash there cheese so there were no enenmies but me and patrixx and I had to wash the dinosaur so I ran away and never came back because the dinosaur wanted to be washed with ketchup and all PATRIXX IN THE BOX had was ketchoop.

Then I went to mac donalds which had turned nto the crusty crab... AND THE CASHEIR SAID TO PRPARE MY ANUS.

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