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On this episode of Pawn Stars Rick is going to buy some stupid ass shit, then Chumlee is going to break the FUCK out of it. Corey is going to work out in the warehouse and then the Old Man is going to throw a fuckin tantrum because he has erectile dysfunctions. Chumlee is going out to advertise and eat tater tots on his dick, and then Corey is going to buy some shitty, overpriced, ass smelling, car that no one gives a shit about, and he's only going to drive it once. The Old man is going to buy some pennies for like 2 cents and then he's going to pawn them and then sell them, and then buy them for like 2 cents each. But a penny is worth like 1 fucking money in Murica. Then Obama Ben London memorabilia is going to come in, and then Rick gets arrested for owning a black boi plane that crashed into the Empire World Center of Trading. Then Chumlee is going to dine on some windmills eating tater tots and mini cheeseburgers. Then a zombie tater tot french frie apocalypse is going to break out, and then Chumlee saves the world and the Old Man by eating the living shit out of those tater tots and shit. Then Corey is going to be like "Dad, fuk u". Then Chumlee and his goldfish, Bubbles, run the pawn shop now.

The end.

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