Peter Pan's Funeral

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There is one girl named Chellery. She is 20 years old. She has no Peter Pan movie, so she download at MediaFire called peterpan.wmv. Is publish by "???". After she is done downloading, she see the clip. The clip it all started there's no title screen, cause the title screen said "Peter's Died".

She is scared about it. The first clip was Wendy is sad because his brother is so angry about her to take the teddy bear. Peter Pan showed up and said "Did you want to come with me?" Then she said "No, thanks". Peter grab her hand and fly away to Neverland. Then, she fell down to a grass area, cause Peter let her hand go.

Peter go and sat on a rock until Captain Hook sail a boat to Neverland. Then the screen went black for 5 seconds. The background is already night and now this is the fight sence. Peter slide out his sword (This time is big) and cut Captain Hook's head. Hook's head is splat of blood. After that, Captain Hook is cutting Peter Pan's heart. Then he died and the blood is so many until his face.

Wendy heard Peter's scream before his death. Then Wendy go to Captain Hook and kill him with Peter's sword. The blood bleed until the sea water. The last clip was Wendy put Peter Pan into the coffin and throw away to the sea. The coffin go and it still bleed in the sea water from the end of the coffin. At the end, Peter's coffin open slowly then Peter wake as a skull so quickly and scream loudly. The end credits was so fast and that has a message. So good she got a slowmo app on her Ipad. She slow down the end credits and the message.

The message said "Peter: I died, Thanks to you it all your fault Hook! Now I'll never see you again!". Then she cries about 1 day. And that the story ^_^.

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