Pokémon Tainted Red

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Hello, my name is May. Something really bizarre happened to me last week. Wanna hear about it? Here I go!

I was walking on a stormy day when I came across a Game Stop. There was a free Fire Red giveaway, so I took one and skipped home. Then after I dried off, I grabbed my ice blue Gameboy and started up the game.

Everything started up normal. I named my character (female) Sapphire. I appeared in the middle of my house, but the room was dark. I interacted with my PC and the text said.

"The PC is broken..." so I went downstairs.

My mom was white and she said.

"Professor Oak wants to see you. Don't talk to Gary. I warn you."

I got a Charmander and started journeying. The clerk on Route 1 was also a ghost, and he said.

"No samples to give you. They're all gone. I warn you, don't go through the gray door."

A gray door appeared. I went through it, curious to see what would happen. I was in Pokémon Tower, on the sixth floor. I checked my party and Charmander was now a lvl. 59 Charizard. I went on the staircase and strangely, nothing stopped me.

But I made a big mistake. There were people upstairs, and Gary was holding a knife stained with blood. The others were ghosts. I talked to Professor Oak. He was not living, but managed to say.

"Go through the black door. Gary is a killer now. Try to escape."

I went through the black door that appeared and got teleported to a place called "QuestionMCity". The Lavender Town and Diglett's Cave themes were playing, combined. There was a house and I went inside. A Channeler was sitting in a chair next to a bloody corpse of Lt. Surge. She was old and withered. She uttered a message that forced tears out of my eyes.

"Why do the good always have to die young? LT. SURGE was my son. Who did this killing? Be there for his funeral! Sniff!"

The Clefairy in the home didn't cry out. It spoke.

"I want LT. SURGE back!"

I went into the Pokémon Center. Nurse Joy was a ghost. Her hair was blood red and her dress was dirty.

"Can't heal.....machine's broken. Escape **&$%^@!!# (unreadable glitched text) while you can. Take in your last breaths while you can."

There was a Chansey skeleton that didn't say "Chan! Sii!"

I dashed out and into a large building. I went to the top and saw the ghosts of all the Gym Leaders sitting on chairs, apparently in great pain. Brock said.

"Why did you let Gary kill us? Your journey will be nothing without Leaders! I shall depart to the afterlife. He disappeared. Misty's message was."

I don't know why you went through the gray door. It was nothing but a curse, and now we're dead! I'm going to the afterlife. She faded off the screen. All the Leaders disappeared except Lt. Surge. He said,

"I'm dead on the outside, but if my dead body is fixed, then I can possess it!"

He possessed his own body for use but the game froze. The screen went black. And the game worked like it should....except Lt. Surge was joining me.

So never take a game from a weird Gamestop's giveaway, especially not Pokémon on a stormy day.

Credited to BrawlTheBasher

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