Pokemon Death Diamond

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OK, so you know Pokemon? It can have a dark side too... Here I'll tell you the story.

Once, I was at a garage sale, it was right next to my house, So i decided I would go to see what was there, And I looked in a box that said "Free games"

So I looked inside the box, And Lots of games were there. There was Mario, Sonic, Zelda and Pokemon, I liked Pokemon the best, so i looked at all the Pokemon games, There was all of them!

I asked the man If i could have all the Pokemon games, and he said yes. So I went home and busted out my old DS and played Diamond 1st (Since dialga was my favorite Pokemon)

There was already a saved file on the game, so i decided to see what the man had done. He was in a place called "Blood Mountain" A weird title for a pokemon place, Isn't it?

I had a look at his team, He had some pretty good Pokemon, He had a level 45 metagross, Lv 63 Infernape and a Lv 84 Crobat

I Looked at Metagross's moves, But all he had was splash....I thought Metagross couden't learn splash...I continued on with the game

When I looked around about where i was,Lots of blood was splattered on the walls, I walked out of the room, then i was on route 666, That's when things started to get creepy...

When i walked in a pile of grass, A lv 666 missingno appeared, I was really started to get scared, so i turned my DS off and smashed it

Credited to Blue speed

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