Pokemon Games That Will Never Be Released

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This will be the list of Pokemon games that will never, ever be officially released by Nintendo, and may not be created as a hack or Troll/Creepy Pasta either. Feel free to add in your unreleased Pokemon games.

The List

  • Pokemon Death Black
  • Pokemon Hell White
  • Pokemon Weed Green
  • Pokemon Lucky Luke Gold
  • Pokemon Ghost Gray
  • Pokemon Scary Silver
  • Pokemon EVIL PATRIXXX Pink
  • Pokemon Black and Blue/White and Gold
  • Pokemon LSD Rainbow
  • Pokemon PETA Purple
  • Pokemon Mercury/Venus/Earth/Mars/Jupiter/Saturn/Uranus/Neptune
  • Pokémon Pluto
  • Pokémon Creepy Chartreuse
  • Pokémon Canada Red
  • Pokémon Idiot Gold
  • Pokemon Moron Silver
  • Pokemon PeePee Yellow
  • Pokemon Pokemon Edition
  • Pokemon U suck
  • Pokemon but with creepypastas
  • Pokemon Herp Derp
  • Pokemon Yaoi/Pokemon Yuri
  • Pokemon XXX/Pokemon ZZZ
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Porn Folder
  • Pokémon Transgender
  • Pokémon Male
  • Pokémon Female
  • Pokemon non binary
  • Pokémon Eclipse
  • Pokémon Galaxy
  • Pokémon: Broken Gold
  • Pokémon Catholic/Pokémon Protestant
  • Pokémon Democrat/Pokémon Republican
  • Pokémon Piss Yellow
  • Pokémon Shit Brown

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