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It all started when I lost my Pokewalker for my Pokemon Heart Gold game I was depressed because I had a level 60 Dragonite on it. After a few months I decided get a new one. I went on Google and tried to find one. After a few minutes I managed to find one for 2$ with free shipping but they wanted the money to be sent directly to the address which seemed a little odd, but I sent it anyway.

It arrived about a week later. When I opened the box I first noticed the pull-out tag was missing, so it was used, but I didn't care so I pressed the middle button. The screen of the usual Pokewalker screen came up, but there was an Unown being walked, so I transferred it to my game. When I did my DS shut off, so I turned it back on. When I started the game it seemed normal but there was no intro which I find enjoyable and I always watch it so I was wondering why it didn't start, but I just thought it was a glitch so I continued. Next, there was music on the page where they show Ho-oh flying, but I did what I did last time and continued. The next scene where you get the options was missing, so It just put me in the game.

When I started my game was what seemed to be the old Gold version for the GBC, and I was in the lighthouse on the bottom floor. I instantly checked my Pokemon and they were gone. I put the game down and tried to go back to the website but it was gone, and I located the address on Google Earth and it was an empty lot. At this point I was freaking out, but I picked up the game and continued. I tried to exit the lighthouse but the door wasn't letting me leave instead giving me a message saying "kill them" written in Unown. I checked my player status and everything was at zero and my name was Kill Them. I decided to try to get to the top of the lighthouse. When I went to the next room it was nothing but doors on every wall. I decided to go through one, and when I went through it there was I painting. I clicked on it and a very detailed picture of Professor Oak shot at least five times laying on his back in a pool of blood. I hit the off switch and turned it back on and the same picture came up, so I had no choice but to continue. I pressed B and the image disappeared, and I left the room. I was greeted once again by the many doors and went in another.

Once again there was a painting and I clicked it, and it showed once again a very detailed picture but this time it was a young adult maybe 21 hanging from his arms without a shirt with a huge gaping wound and his organs were on the floor, and he was missing his eyes. To add to the horrible scene there was a very faint screaming of a lady. I left the room scared to death, and entered another door, the next painting were like the other ones (very detailed), and it was Brock dead in a chair with his head in his lap. That is all I can remember before I left in fear, the next was another young adult, I couldn't even tell the gender. It was like all the other people but more disturbing and detailed then the other. This disturbing pattern continued until there were no more doors. When I left room which had a another picture of a person missing all his limbs and organs which were all on the floor in a big pool of blood. After this painful last picture (which was so detailed it looked to be real) I left the room and there was only one door in the room now, so I opened it.

The next room had all paintings and a flight of stairs. I just went up the stairs the next room had a sign and more stairs, and the room was a slight tint of red. I red the sign and it said "Getting closer" written in Unown; I took the stairs. The next room was filled with paintings, had stairs, and was even more redder then the last. Scared, I clicked on one of the paintings. It was like the other people but more detailed and worse. Their entrails were being pulled out by a hand, the hand was covered in blood and organs. I nearly threw up. Every picture was of a human more detailed and worse then the last. The last picture was of a head of a person. They was missing their eyes and it looked like their nose was ripped off, and their mouth was wide open, and their tongue was cut out.

I quickly ran up the stairs. There were two people, Lance and Red (Lance is the pokemon champion of the game, and Red is Ash Ketchum who is the master Pokemon trainer who you have to fight at the end of the game in Mt. Silver, for those who didn't play the game). Lance Walked up to my and we engaged in battle, with no music. I had all my Pokemon who I trained to lev 100 so I beat him with no problem, I found it odd that my pokemon who must were not in the game came up and pixilated perfectly and that all the Pokemon had double their health. After the battle Lance battled me again. This time he had one Pokemon. It said "Lance sent out himself!". So I battled him and he was a level one and I beat him with one shot. After the battle he fell to the ground and became surrounded by a pool of blood. Then a message written in unknown said "He and his Pokemon died". Then me and Red battled and, all my pokemon were healed so I beat him like I beat Lance with no problem the same thing happened with Red that happened with Lance. After the second message that was the same as the first disappeared, the escape animation played.

Now another message written in Unown said "you killed them now destroy it". I was confused, but then I remembered the Pokewalker. I destroyed it like the game said and flushed the pieces down my toilet and continued (I don't why I didn't keep it and show someone, but something was forcing me to. I felt like I had to do it). So after a pressed A the message disappeared and I was back to my Heart Gold game at the Indigo league just where I saved and my game was perfectly fine. I tried to tell people but no one believes me, do you?

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