Pokemon Orange

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I'm a big collector of Pokemon,so one day I went on my bike to find some kind of rare bootleg version or a weird glitch version.So far I wasn't having any luck,until I came across this one house that looked like there was barely anything there.Plus there was a creepy man behind the table,I asked him if there was any Pokemon games,and he said yes.Then he got a Gameboy cartridge out,and I asked him how much it was,and he said it was free.When I took home my new game,and popped it in to my Gameboy,what I saw,I'll never forget.First off,instead of the normal GameFreak logo,it showed a weird picture of Bulbasar.And I thought this was really weird,but I just figured it was just some sort of special game,so I carried on.Everything was normal until I got to Lavender Town,when suddenly a message box appeared at the bottom of the screen.It said "Hello Orange".I thought this was really weird too,but then I heard a screeching noise that was horribly agonizing,and then I hear an evil laugh that's even more painful!But then another message box appeared,and it said "Give the cartridge back".so I did,and to this day I'll never forget Pokemon Orange.

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