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I had bought a Pokemon game from what a 40 year old? and he said it was old alright? just erase my data and play after i bought it it was titled "Pokemon Star Blue" its mascot for it was.. a Lunatone i said o... ok... when i got home i started playing a few hours later i found a town called "Starry Hills" just that Starry Hills i ran into a lunattone on the way i caught it because well it was the mascot i found a cave i had noticed that it was not real well the town i look it up and i find a hacked version said Starry Hills Land of dead Lunatone it said no title deseft for Blue Pokemon Blue ... so my charmander had died as it said "Charmander ran away for ??? reason" i was shocked *gos off topic* woops i ment charmeleon through that srry :P well i was shocked that he wasnt in my party instaead it was a dead marowak apparently well look up lavender town for the Marowak Mother :P well then my screen showed a lunatone with my charater     *c> :( * i thonk it was a c with a point and a sad face : than it has said You came TO FAR LEAVE NOW I HAD BLACKED OUT I SCREAMED AT MY GAME COUNCIL but i had relized the screen went blue with a very small red lunatone in the left corner after a bit my charater had said It is,,, so dark and cold.. then the game said THE END and my charater had died

Credited to Pikachu123126

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