Pokemon the bad White VERSION

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It all began on the 5th of september 2012 i was realy ecited and happy that i was getting pokemon white version this box had no logo's on it at all.i then put it in my nintendo 3DS it began oddly i was happy at the time but then i was confused.the colour was all dull and pale and sent a chill running down my spine.this only had 2 options thats unusual there's normally 4 or 5 options and well the olny options were start and delete i pressed start then a creepy laught could be heard but it was all low and distorted.and the pokemon logo was all red.it started me off with 6 pokemon a snivy a patrat a woobat a Lillipup a victini and a zorua thats impossible because when i checked my trainers nam it said ??? i checked it and it said 7 hours played so how can i have those pokemon all ready.when i came of my back pack a messege popped up saying LEAVE ME ALONE NOW NOOW.my snivy then died i could not save it in anyway i tried everything suddenly ??? used scream popped up then a disturbing scream stated and i showed a picture of snivy and when i looked i felt my lunch in my stomach race to my throat. i was lucky enough to take a picture with my phone.iy went back to player ??? and i got to a pokemon center and nerse joy was not there and the shop keepers was'nt there ive'r.then i suddenly got teleported and there were dead people and pokemon every where i checked my trainer file and my sprite looks horrible he had pale skin and black eyes my pokemon were all dead aswell.the blood started flowing down the walls it was terrible then a box popped up and said im sorry but this is your future and there's nothing i can do to stop it. i started to cry and said ok ok i forgive you.then ??? used scream this time it was horrible the SCREAMS WERE UNBEARABLE OUCH MY EARS. i screamed too i then continued playing because i just wanted this nightmare to end i then began walking has fast as i could to the next town but my scream mucked up all the colours began falling and melting the player ??? appeared box popped up then there was nothing but the word RIP i cryed as hard as i could i was allso frightend i closed the game and put it in my cellar.

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Credited to Carnage999

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